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Here a Washing Machine to Clean Earbuds

Headphones are undoubtedly one of the most used accessories. Referring to their use, they always remain vulnerable to dusty particles. They collect dirt, and who can not forget that they sweat? This dirt can also get into the speakers and distort the sound. Users have already used several ways to clean their headphones. Now there may be another solution.

There was successful crowdfunding to raise enough money for the production of a mini-washer for Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro, and other headphones. The manufacturer presents its product as a “brand new cleaning solution for your wireless stereo” capable of cleaning the user’s headphones in minutes.

The Cardlax Earphone Cleaner (EMS) is designed to remove pocket dirt and earwax that can accumulate on AirPods and headphones. The device resembles a top-loading washing machine, with a rotating cylindrical sponge that wraps against the sponge-covered inner walls of the device. After spraying alcohol cleaning liquid on the headphones, the process would bring them back to life. A small brush with a rotating top can be used to remove dirt from AirPods or earbuds.

The Cardlax EMS must be a really cool gadget, and it’s a well-made concept. The company claims that it is compatible with about 99% of the headphones currently available on the market. On the outside, it may look a bit like an Apple AirPods matter, although much larger. It looks like a top-loading washing machine once you open it-but it’s not. On the left there is a brush, and on the right there is a spray with a wringer that is a sponge. He currently has 1,210 backers on Kickstarter for the Cardlax headphone washer. This project will remain available on the crowdfunding site for another 56 days. They are only available for 890 units and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Watch the product video below:

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