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Incredible things your iPhone can do

How well do you know your iPhone? iPhones have been with us for a decade now, and the best thing about them is that they get better with each new upgrade. This explains why loyal iPhone users are always looking forward to the launch of a new iPhone series. Being the sophisticated phones that they are, a number of users can be forgiven for not being fully familiar with what their favorite phone model can do.

Here is a list of interesting things to do with your iPhone, some of which you probably had no idea about:

1. iPhones can customize ringtones

Do you want to identify callers using some of your favorite ringtones? You can do this with an iPhone, and all you have to do is access your contact list, select your person of interest and press the Edit button, then the Ringtone option is to select the ringtone of your choice.

2. It can work without the body power button

Just messed up the power button on your iPhone? No need to worry because there is another way to lock it or turn it off, which is to activate AssistiveTouch, a feature that you can access from the phone settings. Its icon appears on the screen and functions as the body power button.

3. Regulating the use of data

Some applications can really consume large amounts of cellular data. With iPhones, you can choose which apps to use cellular data and which to use only Wi-Fi.

This means that as a student, you should not be afraid that you will run out of data intended for finding information about writing services.

4. Popular applications

If you are always on the go and want to know the most used apps in the different places you visit, tap on the “Near Me” option in the App Store. News apps are the majority of ”Near Me” apps.

5. Siri can be manipulated according to your preferences

Not only can you change the gender of the voice as a modification for Siri. There are also different characteristics to play with, such as British and Australian accents. You can make these changes by going to your iPhone settings.

6. Do not disturb

Want to take a nap and not necessarily turn off the phone to avoid disruptions? Go to the Settings, to the Do not Disturb option and press the ”scheduled” menu option. Your phone will switch to DND mode for the duration you want.

7. Airplane mode is a battery saver

You know the times when you have to use your phone, but the battery is low, it happens to everyone from time to time. You can activate airplane mode if necessary. Another awesome hack of the iPhone’s airplane mode is that it charges faster in airplane mode.

8. Access online essay writing services via your iPhone

iPhones are some of the coolest and most reliable gadgets that any student can own. Students can not only take advantage of various iPhone features like the beautiful camera, but they can also use it to browse the internet to search for reliable university homework help. It’s good to know that there is a solution to pending essays; browsing paper-writing websites on an iPhone is easy.

9. Change Siri’s voice

The recent iOS 14.5 update offers the ability to change Siri’s voice. Now you can change Siri’s voice and select in preferences.

10. Track your business with airbags

Apple finally announced the long-awaited AirTags at their Spring Loaded event. You can now tag your wallets, bags, and even keys with Apple AirTags and find them using your iPhone.

11. Scan the QR code with the camera

With an iPhone camera, you can also scan any QR code and get related information. Scanning the QR code via the camera app allows you to visit websites, connect to Wi-Fi and add contacts in the blink of an eye. Just scan the QR code, and it will display the information on the screen that you can follow to continue.

12. Using Widgets

With iOS 14, Apple brought widgets to the iPhone. Users can now add widgets to the screen and enjoy the ease that widgets bring to life. Although Android has had this feature for a long time, the wait for widgets on iOS is worth it. The widgets work perfectly well on iPhones. The live weather widget and the gallery look very beautiful on the screen.

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