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Wireless Electricity in This New Gadget

What is the recent trend in interior design? You might be surprised that tech geeks and interior designers finally agree.

Furniture brands are now combining the recent wireless electricity technology with electromagnetic levitation to create beautiful, dazzling pieces for the home.

It is a floating lamp that acts as a wireless charger and a Bluetooth speaker. Not only that, but the minimalist vibes strike the perfect balance between cool and stylish (you’re finally ready to say goodbye to that lava lamp!).

There are some floating lights and decorations that float (it had to be done…), but none are as versatile or practical as Gravita. Is this the beginning of the futuristic floating lifestyle that science fiction has been promising us for centuries?

Gravita: the first floating gadget that is really worth buying

Gravita is the cool floating gadget that you are really glad you bought. As in, you will use it every day and enjoy it instead of sitting on the shelf and forgetting about it after a few days.

We’ll tell you why right away. But first, let’s look at the meat and potatoes of this floating lamp. Is it really floating? How does it work?

Yes, Gravita really floats. It uses two magnets in the lamp and the neck of the lamp to create an electromagnetic field that suspends the lamp in the air. To make it even cooler, it doesn’t float like other floating gadgets.

Instead of hovering over a base, Gravita is suspended in the air under a metal arm. This way it will look like a real lamp and not a new product.

To use Gravita, you just need to touch the base (without a button) to turn it on. Then place the lamp in the electromagnetic field. It is easy to set it up and it is fascinating to feel the attraction of the magnetic field.

The light emitted by Gravita is powered by electricity transmitted by induction through the electromagnetic field. This is something that techies like us like to see the flow. But for those who don’t need to know the cheesy details, this is wireless electricity.

Levitation and wireless electricity are advanced features, and seeing them both in a gadget is enough to turn us on (yes, that’s another light pun. Please applaud).

But Floately (the manufacturer of Gravita) has taken things to another level by making the lamp versatile, elegant and practical for everyday use.

That’s why Gravita is worth your money.

It is multifunctional

Gravita is much more than a lamp. While its enchanting floating light bulb may be the thing that makes you drool (as it does to us), the lamp can also make your life easier.

Wireless Charger: Set your device to the Gravita base to start powered.

Bluetooth Speaker: Pair it with any device to project Hi-Fi sound.

USB-C and USB-A ports: Fast powered ports so you can keep all your devices powered up.

It is quite exceptional to see a brand create something that is already at the cutting edge of technology and then add much more value to it.

Most people (aka US) would like to pay Gravita’s price just for the wireless charger. The fact that you also get a floating, cordless electric, heat-pumping lamp is just the icing on the cake.

But the fact is that you will actually use this thing every day. Even if you don’t need a new desk lamp, almost any bedside table, desk or fireplace will benefit from all these features in one package, even if it’s just to reduce clutter.

Gravita makes too many birds out of one stone to ignore.

It’s convenient

Gravita doesn’t just do a lot. He does a lot of things right.

It’s not just a new light to turn on when friends pass by. It is a lamp that you can use daily to illuminate your home. Being an LED, it lasts a very long time (we’ll get to that after), and it’s also pleasing to the eyes.

The Gravita lamp was developed using the theory of color temperature, which states that you can influence the way a person feels with light shades. Gravita’s color temperature is 1700K and makes you feel warm, relaxed, and focused. It can help you relieve stress after work or find the motivation to finish (or start) this passion project.

Gravita’s Bluetooth speaker is also well made and durable. It has a surprisingly strong volume range and can project into a medium-sized living room. It is ideal for pairing with smart TVs for movies or computers and phones for music.

And of course, nothing is more convenient than a multiport wireless powered hub. We can’t wait to get a Gravita so we never have to plug in our phones again!

It is durable

Gravita is built to last. No need to worry about thin light bulbs or walking on eggshells when it is turned on. It has a built-in, solid safety construction that can withstand toddlers and awkward guests.

Gravita’s metal neck is covered with an encapsulated magnetic base. There is another magnet in the lamp, this is how the electromagnetic field is created. These electromagnets will last forever as long as electricity can pass through them, so the levitation force of Gravita is indefinite.

As for the lamp, the LED is designed to last more than 20 years, even if you use the lamp every day. The extra bulbs are available at a low price, so if you buy 2 of them, you are ready for more than 40 years. By then, it could be a collector’s item worth millions!

But what happens if the power goes out? Gravita has a fail-safe magnet that pulls the lamp up and attaches it to the base if the power is turned off, so it will never fall off and crack.

Although even if it fell, the lamp is unbreakable and reinforced to resist damage. It is 10 times stronger than normal light bulbs and more than capable of surviving a few falls.

How to get Gravita

We can’t wait to get our hands on Gravita. The good news is that we don’t have to wait long. The lamps will be shipped for Christmas, well before the 2021 release date, but only to donors on Kickstarter.

We have all our orders, and it is for you to wait. Not only do you save 50% by supporting Gravita during the campaign, but you also get it for everyone. As tech nerds, we like to get something first when it’s the first of its kind, so we’re very excited about this one.

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